Friday, October 24, 2014

Chicken fried rice!

Boil chicken or use that which you may have in fridge and cut up in pieces. Brown the chicken and a chopped onion and set aside. Scramble an egg or maybe 2 and set aside. Boil rice part way, drain and set aside. (Al dente.) Add oil in pan, about 1/4 cup, (oil of your liking). Fry the rice about 5-10 minutes until it gets a little color on it, add in mix vegetables of your liking, eggs, garlic and some 'heat' for health and taste purposes. Personally I like to dip the tip of a sharp knife into the top of some Dave's Insanity Sauce….it is NO joke, do NOT overuse. It can take your breath away.  If you use canned veggies, drain them first and then add. Stir well. Add in the chicken and onions and whatever else that you may want to add. Stir together. Turn off stove and let sit a minute and enjoy with some soy sauce! ~ Essie

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