Monday, December 8, 2014

All-inclusion. Is it okay?

I just saw on the news where certain churches are inviting "all" into their churches now in order to get some growth in their congregations. That is all well and good but the preachers need to make sure that they don't "water down" the Word of God in doing so.
I have a feeling that we are about to hear some mess coming across some pulpits now. Can you imagine it? All-inclusion is fine as long as you preach the Blood of Jesus and His Work on the Cross to save mankind from Hell and damnation because Hell wasn't made for man but for satan and his demons. There is a thing called "Holiness" and people are steady trying to get around it. God's Grace is not a ticket to purposely sin.
Salvation and Jesus being the ONLY way is what needs to be preached. God said, "My Sheep know my voice." Let's hope that it is His voice that is going to be drawing people in. 

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