Saturday, December 6, 2014

Daniel's job

"Me, me, me. I, I, I !" 

God will take us through something in order to teach US not necessarily to teach others. I watched a movie last night called, "The Book of Daniel" that really taught me a lesson about how God uses us. Watching it gave me a deeper appreciation of what Daniel, who God says had an "excellent spirit", went through. He plants us in various situations to be a blessing to the Kingdom but with it comes a great sacrifice. Daniel didn't get to see the re-building of the Temple, as Moses didn't get to see the Promise Land, but he did a wonderful job of spiritually, mentally and emotionally satisfying the King. This also reminds me of how David was "planted" with the King to satisfy him with his playing of the Harp. David's playing soothed King Saul of his torment that he had from being hard-headed against God. Only God's anointing can soothe a weary soul. No books, no tapes, no advice, no other words or sounds unless they are rigged with God's anointing. 


Be blessed. ~ Essie  

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