Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to help your pastor:

By Mark Simpson via Facbook:


"Preaching is a job in which the effectiveness of the speaker is enhanced by the attitude of the listeners." (Charles Dickson) Just look at the results Jesus had in Nazareth, versus Capernaum. The poor attitude in Nazareth hindered the ministry greatly. Here's how to do it in the new year:
- Prepare yourself for the message, beginning Saturday night.
- Pray for your pastor as he/she prepares. Some of the greatest moves of God's Spirit in history occurred when the united church did this.
- Avoid distractions. Shut off the cell phone. Sit on the front row if you have to! Listen!
- Look for immediate applications. This is not a word for someone else; it is for ME. 
- Provide your pastor with tools and resources. Make sure your pastor has a budget for getting good books and study helps.
- Ask questions. Not during the message but after. If there is something you did not understand or maybe took wrong, ask for clarification.
- Ask for a copy of it, and then review it again. Meditate. Follow up on it during the week.
- Finally, compliment your pastor. Something really hit, really connected? Let your pastor know! Preaching is 2-way communication! God bless you as you continue to feed your soul into this new year.

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