Thursday, December 18, 2014

I think I've figured Facebook out, for the moment anyway.

I think that I am beginning to see how FB operates now which is not really bad actually. I am seeing some of my friends just getting "Good Morning" posts that I made a day or so ago, yet some get them immediately. The one that I just put up, some of you may not get until tomorrow. I found it quite odd until the thought crossed my mind:
Lately FB has been placing "Close Friends", etc categories on our pages. If you 'claim' someone as a close friend you may immediately get their posts. If you block someone you won't get their posts and they won't get yours either. If you make someone an "acquaintance" you may get their posts but they aren't on the 'important' list. I had friends messaging me and texting me lately saying that they can't see some of my posts. I think that you may have to put me on your "Close Friends" list perhaps? I am not sure but give it a try and see. 
It seems that the Timeline has become somewhat a "newspaper" with ads and all making the "Lists" on your left, important ones that you don't want to miss. You may have to sit down and create your lists to enjoy the new Facebook. 
Share this if you are running into the same troubles or if some of your friends are saying that they can't see you anymore.
Also, one woman told me that she was getting too many of my posts on her phone. To that situation I would say that you should check your "notifications". You don't put someone on "notifications" and then get upset at how many posts they do a day right? Lol. Hey, God bless and have a great day ladies and gents!

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