Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Birthday 07 December 2014

Birthday 2014. Alexi Rochelle Scott En Hele Rich Saffel and Paige and all of my friends who cared to think about me and wish me a Happy Birthday. I thought about copying and pasting "thank you" but it's too impersonal, so I chose this avenue instead. You all had me in tears with all of the "Happy Birthday's" today and those beautiful pictures as well. Also all of you who called me and left singing messages. Such beautiful voices! After 300+, I couldn't keep up so I just asked God to bless you with 100 fold blessings. 100 fold is not 100 times but much much more. I am proud to know you all and honored to be loved by you. Bless God, I had a good day. God bless. ~ Essie

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