Tuesday, December 9, 2014

So, I am not mad enough at being called a "N-ger"?

You have to live it to understand it. In my apartment building there is a woman who hates 2 certain guys and there is a 'ruin-your-car-war" going on with them. She keeps telling me (unusually) how they always say, "when we get rid of the N's and Fa- - ots, our building will be better." Problem is, they both treat me really nice. We recently got a new Office Manager and she happens to be black. The complaining woman says to me the other day in fact, standing in the hallway, talking loud, "We finally got a "professional" black woman who understands what it's like to be called 'n-ger!' Now maybe someone will get mad about it!" I was like, "Hold up! I don't like what you just said. I am a Preacher and I guess that I don't get mad enough for you?" 

Moral to the story: I suppose that, like Obama was when he first started running for Office, I am not 'mad' enough? 

Newsflash: We are not all "mad, black men and women." God tells me to exercise patience. To this day.....I still do. Yes, you have to live it. You'd be surprised of the stories that I could tell that hurt down in my core. God bless!

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