Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cookbook for sale! Old fashioned recipes! :)

I bought something that is awesome and I want to share it with all of my friends if you don't mind. I attained permission to do so.  Liberty Towers in California, Pa. made a cute little, old-fashioned cook book called, "A Taste of Liberty Tower", with recipes from their residents, recipes that you may not have heard of in quite a while. It contains some of the good ole' recipes that our Great-Grandma's and Grandma's used to make such as "Potato Candy", "Native American Fry Bread", "Stuffed Meatloaf", "Pink Fluff", "Soft dough for filled cookies", "Baked Custard", "Orange Cookies", and New Country Pie" and more! As it sells, we'll possibly make more recipes! The price is only $2.00 and you can order by calling Social Services at: 724-938-3248.
You can Google recipes but who is to say if they are really Tried and True?
The money helps the elderly and blesses the giver as well! ~ Essie
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