Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A message to Men this morning. Especially if you are Fatherless.

 The Lord has shown me that there are certain men, young and older, who do not have fathers present in their lives who have received the mark of the beast, mistaking it for 'success'. You do not know it because this mark, "The Pentagram" or "The Seal" has you blinded and your mind is seared but much to your chagrin, others *can tell that you have done so. Your soul is cold and lonely. You smile but deep inside you are miserable. Some of you have blamed God for your misfortune, thinking that He wasn't a good Father to you either, therefore thinking that you need more. He is too simple, easy, you want something more complicated and mysterious hence the mysticism that keeps popping up in your life. You hold what you think are secret meetings with one another, thinking that you can expel your fury in the presence of 'like-minded men'. You feel a rage inside of you and you say at your meetings, "you have to let that rage out somehow you know?" And you think it's okay. The enemy of your soul is feeding off of this 'extra energy' or 'odd power' and you don't even know it. The fire is burning your soul and you feel lost and helpless and you don't know how to get out of this insane rat-race. 

The Lord is telling you through this medium that He sees and hears all of your cries. He has *not left you or forsaken you in times of trouble. You just didn't take out enough time to consult in Him. Experiencing this rage you have acquired a problem with authority and He is sending His Son Jesus to teach you how to be a true Son (Man) of God. The World is not your friend. They are using you. Secretly they call you a fool and they laugh. You will spend the rest of your life chasing after success only to miss it time and time again. You don't like talking to Jesus because you cannot see Him. Your eyes can't but your heart will. 

Open your mouth today and don't ignore the chastising of the Lord. Like a good Parent, He chastises the ones that He loves but after the chastisement, He receives you right back into His Arms again. God is *not mad at you. Don't believe the lies that you are not good enough to be Godly. You are a royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, a Peculiar People who, in all actuality, are the *true Rulers of this Earth. This is why the enemy of your soul has gotten you to try the Mark, in order to rob you of your True Greatness. Denounce it now and be free or continue to wallow in the muck and the mire of life, raging against the machine. God says to you, "Just start praying, repent and I will begin to talk to you. A _sk, S_eek and K_nock. Ask me." 


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