Thursday, February 5, 2015

My testimony this morning! So excited!!!!

It is really beautiful what happens in your life when you pray in God's Will. I prayed a few weeks ago, "Lord cause me to help people more." It became like a daily prayer to me. There's no sense in living if you can't help people get out of their "muck and mire" situations in some way. After all, somebody helped me throughout the years.

I recently had something absolutely wonderful happen to me that is EVERLASTING only through Christ Jesus and NO man can take that away from me. All of my life I battled thieves, robbers and liars; devourers of my blessings....but God! 

As I sat here early this morning, watching a Train of Blessings run through my life from the time that I opened my eyes until this very moment, the thought occurred to me, (God spoke), "What have you been asking for?" It hit me! Instantly joy and gratification filled my body, mind and soul like a flood! He did it! Won't He do it y'all? Won't He do it?! 

God blessed me in a way that NO man, no matter how hard he/she tries or what SOURCE that they use, can stop this blessing in my life. Gone are the pity parties, gone are the days of *unusual lack and loneliness. The Blood of Jesus covers me and nothing, by any means can stop His love and protection. 

If you have a desire that lines up with God's Word, maintain your 'stick-to-it-ive-ness!' It WILL pay off. The flesh is strong; if you keep asking for something, don't stop, keep hitting it until you get it. Hence, the Widow and the King. She kept asking until He finally gave her what she asked for. Yes, the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Sometimes self-sabotage (the flesh) gets in the way. One day, your spirit and God's Spirit will clash (God's timing) and that spark will light up and all Hell has to let loose of you. It can not hold on. Evil has to bow down. It's in the Good Book folks. God's Will is Excellent. Thank you Abba for loving me and forgiving me when I needed it. I NEVER want  to live any other path but yours.  

#Hint #Tip     When we take care of others....God takes care of us. 

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