Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pray for Russia

Wow. I heard a lady from Russia being interviewed this morning about the future of Russia since one of their activists was shot in his back and killed. Her answer moved me. She told the reporter, "Things are always hard for Russia, we are used to it." It was sad to hear the tone of her voice when she said it.

Do you feel that way about your life? Do you feel as though things are always hard for you? Have you acquired tough skin because of it? Sometimes when you see a person with tough-skin, it can mean that they have a broken heart as well. Some people are good at hiding it. At least they think so.

Let's pray for people "humans" all around the world that the enemy of our souls is trying to gather for himself. We have to remember that the enemy is not people, it's a very evil spirit and his brothers. This is why Jesus told us to pray for 'our' enemies. He was telling us that it's not the person but the spirit of evil using them.

That spirit of intimidation may think that it has people backed in a corner but I know a Man....His name is Jesus, and He can fight innumerous men with one blow. The enemies of God will feel His wrath. So let's have compassion on others like us. They may be of various races, colors, and cultures, they are still human. Prayer changes things, prayer works. Let's exercise compassion. Compassion always works. Compassion is love and love is none other than Jesus.

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