Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rebuke it, step over it, and keep on truckin'.

Good Morning! 
(Rebuke mess today and everyday.)
Jude 9: When our Archangel Michael was being badgered by the devil over the body of Moses he didn't argue with him because he knew that it was he himself (Archangel Michael), who had the power of God within him. All that he said to the devil was "The Lord rebuke you" and it was over. Whatever tries to badger you today, don't scream and get baffled. In the power of the Most High that is within you, just say, "I rebuke you" and go on about your business, knowing that you are the new Ark of the Most High.  

Moses was a Man of God who was used by Him to do mighty acts and the devil STILL tried to claim him as his. Wow. Selah y'all. Selah. 
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