Thursday, January 14, 2016


What an interesting picture. No disrespect to our Father and Lord when I say what I am about to say, but I place my garbage by my door so that I can empty it when I leave the house. I use an old, brass cross to keep my door open on hot days so some of the heat can go in the hallway of our apartment building. If anything tries to come in they have to pass that Cross first. Lol. (I have radiator heat, some of us know about that. 
smile emoticon ) While going to the bathroom, I felt bad and was going to remove the cross and then it hit me, "All garbage is brought to the foot of the Cross." Bless God. I had to repeat what my heart heard. "All garbage is brought to the foot of the Cross." ✞
I will definitely clean up the area, as I usually do, but it's so true isn't it? We drop all of our garbage at the foot of Jesus' Cross. He's a Big Boy, He can handle it. I bless Him for doing what He did for us. Not only did He carry ALL sin to the Cross for us but He 'became' sin FOR us. I believe that He went through a spiritual transformation so strongly that it caused His blood to mix with His sweat and came out, as the Word says, as drops of Blood. When He was on the Cross, Blood and Water came out. He did it for us folks, He did it for us. πŸ™πŸΏ
There is nothing that can happen that would 'embarrass' the Work that was done on the Cross. He did it for you. I hope you all understand what I tried to portray here. I was just a moment for me. God is good. God bless.

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