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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Micromanna 083116

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BOOMER Special Training

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Be slow to give credit because they just may not be serious about you OR...

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Monday, August 29, 2016

A little personal detail about Karatbars and why you should get an accou...

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

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Micromanna for the day!

Be very leery of people, businesses, entities, that use the Spirit of Control and Intimidation to keep you down and depressed. You'd be surprised how many plan while you sleep. Live, love and enjoy your life! If folks wanna watch...let them watch you living! Lol. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Black Butterfly, sail across the waters, tell your sons and daughters how the story goes.

A butterfly that accompanied us during my daughters picnic for her birthday
at Mingo Park, Pa. 082516. It was unusually friendly and wouldn't leave us! 
God sent it to my family as a good sign, we shall soon see why! 


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


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My past month thus far. (Pray for me.)

My past month thus far.

Ok. So, I’ve been nearly killed when someone hit my Lincoln going approximately 50-60 miles per hour in July. I still say today that the Lincoln saved the lives of my daughter and I. If we still had our little car that we used to have, we’d be dead. It happened to be the day that I got my daughter out of the hospital and she almost flew out of the passenger window on impact. Now I have to patch the window at night since it won’t go all the way up. The impact of my daughter’s body against it threw it off track I suppose. All we wanted was a kitten. We were simply driving to meet a lady with a kitten. After the wreck, we managed to drive further down the road that we intended on meeting this lady at, she was gone so we turned around and drove back home, past our town, car thumping and wrecked, and about 13 miles further for another  kitten that a really nice, lady had. (The kitten was for therapeutic reasons. Long story.) We were exhausted, wowed out, hot, tired and a little out of sorts once we arrived. The lady was very sweet and invited us in, tired, sweaty and all. We sat around her beautiful table talking. She brought us drinks and snacks. We held hands and I prayed for all of us. The lady was about 60+ and had incurable cancer but with her attitude, you’d never know it. She was sharp. White summer pants and a nice top, a very nice wig, (I suppose her hair was thinning from the cancer.) After prayer, food and chat she invited us over to swim sometime. I thought that was nice. She was very cute and cheery. You could tell that her faith was in the Lord completely. She had to drive us to where the kittens were at her friend’s house. I showed her my wrecked car and apologized for our tired and sweaty appearance. She could care less about our appearance but was very concerned about our well-being. We followed her to her friends house where the kittens were. My daughter got out of the car, still out of sorts from her hospital stay and the wreck, to help her get a kitten from the man’s yard. The kittens were too shy and scratched the lady on her hands. She said that the scratch was bad for her since she was on cancer meds but she took it well. I felt horrible. All was over so she ushered us to the end of her town and we smiled, thanked her for the good time and said our goodbyes.
This past Monday, 8 August, I woke up, prayed before I got out of bed (gotta talk to my Daddy first), washed up, did my hair and teeth, put on a pot of coffee, turned on my computer and phone, sat down to log on to my Karatbars Account to see if there was any activity there, checked my cell and bam, there was a Hit Man Threat message on my cell. It said that they were paid $3000.00 to terminate my life and told me not to tell anyone, not even the police because they would know. They said I was a nice person and I didn’t deserve this “hit” that was to come to me. They said they would get back to me soon so I was supposed to stand by and wait to hear from them. So, that was my Monday. I made a few phone calls and found out the longitude and latitude, address and phone number where the text came from, etc. It came from a quaint home in Florida with a business title of an LLC, (I recently opened my own LLC in fact so that may be where they got my info or number.) That was my Monday. People online and in real time have actually been telling me that they notice that I’ve been going through a lot lately. When that happens, it must be a bit much for others to want to tell me.
Our past few days have been 90+ and I’ve been sweating like a gymnast. You’d think I’d lose some weight with all the sweating but…. not! I don’t know why I am writing this but one thing that I do know, just in case, if anything does happen to me, know this: I am satisfied. I lived my life, it was hard. Nothing came to me easy. Absolutely nothing…ever. My kids are grown and I am not allowed to see my grandchild. I happen to be the low ‘man’ on the totem pole in that situation and I’ve accepted it somewhat. He’ll come to me when he’s grown. I know it. I can feel it, if I am still here. Please know that I know where I am going. God has been good to me. No heroics! Please! If anything happens, no one better bring me back to Columbia Gas, West Penn Power, Sewage Companies, Landline, Cell and Internet companies and local taxes. I told my kids that even though I abhor tattoos, I was tempted to get a small one across my shoulder that specifically says, “No heroics.”
To end: If I live, I win. If I die, I win. That’s how a Jesus-believer feels. We win both ways. I will not change who I am and/or “Who’s” I am. As long as I am breathing, the show must go on. I wish you nothing but happiness and success. Remember me.
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. ~ Essie

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