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Courageousness ~ Joshua Chapter 1 verses 1-8
In order to be courageous one must study the word of God and obey God's Commandments and you will have good success. The words to capture here are “good success.” Is there bad success? Let's take a look at the word ‘success’ in the dictionary. It is a noun. It means the accomplishment of a purpose, the attainment of popularity, profit, a person or thing that achieves the desired aims and retains prosperity, the outcome of an undertaking, specified as achieving or failing to achieve it’s aims. There are some people who achieve their aims of making profit, (money) and that is all there is to it. They want to become richer and richer as time goes on. Now that is one type of success. Then there are those who want to be successful in making others happy, and helping others as much as possible. To give back to the World since they are so appreciative to be alive. In their hearts they become richer and richer and what they do for others blesses them as well. That's another type of success.
There is a transference of leadership in all situations that pertain to the bible which leads to success (various types of course). Moses passed on and God made Joshua Israel's leader. Why? Because the Lord said so in verse 2 of Joshua 1st Chapter. God told Joshua to go just as Jesus tells us to go in Matthew chapter 28 verse 19. Did you obey your divine calling? You will have spiritual progress and graduate from milk to meat by obeying the leadership that God has placed over you. Much given, much is required. You cannot be a leader until you learn to follow others. There are too many Lone Ranger's out there, self-made ministries. I once knew a very nice young lady, who went around giving people words from the Lord. She was well known in our area and people did not really like to see her coming because they knew that she would give them a “word” that had nothing to do with their lives. The bible tells us to try the spirits and she was tried many times and failed. Her tree had no fruit. The problem was that she had no leadership above her, nor experience. She just felt that she was to give people words from the Lord. The Bible says that God likes things done decently and in order and this was not. She somehow felt that she was qualified to do so for the kingdom of heaven yet she answered to no one. We all need to be held accountable to one another. We all need someone to put us an check if we should need it. If you are afraid to have someone hold you accountable then your motives should be questioned. What’s your M/O? (Mode of Operandi.) We should all have some type of covering. The Bible strongly suggests the laying on of hands of the Presbytery. There was no transference of leadership in this case. I asked her once what church she goes to and who was her Pastor. She said, “None.” Now don’t get me wrong you don’t have to attend church regularly to be considered as a Christian, some simply cannot go. What about those who are bed-ridden? Or those who cannot hear or walk? God’s Grace is sufficient for them as well. That’s why He gave us Grace because He knew that we would not be able to keep His Commandments without it. God knows our weaknesses and sent us help with His Grace, isn’t that awesome?
Much to the expectations of those who desire to lead others, all leaders don't get to the promised land. Sometimes you can lead the congregation up to a point and God can put another in your place to finish the job. It’s the ram in the bush. Moses never saw the promised land. But still everyone wants to be a Moses, everyone wants to lead others, even without God’s permission. I’ve watched people lead others with ill-intentions and they ended up failing horribly, bringing down their entire family name trying to out-smart God. As the title of a play long ago stated, “Your arms are too short to box with God.” Please allow me to clarify, I lost our church due to 2 floods in 07, I didn’t deceive anyone. We were too small of a congregation to fix the building up and we had no help. To this day, we miss one another but have gone to other churches to fill the void.
The presence of courage is the presence of strength. Do you exercise yours? Have you rejected it? Are you afraid? God shows constancy with Joshua. You must have constancy loyalty and devotion to be used of God. And he will never leave you or forsake you. I heard a man say once that he likes to make everybody happy. The only problem with that is that he can never be trusted. He will do whatever it takes to get over at that time with whomever he is with. The question is “where does his loyalty lie?” He will snitch on James to make Linda laugh and snitch on Linda to make James laugh. He cracks jokes about whoever is not around at the time just to get a rise out of people. He is going to be very let down once he finds that it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. I once knew a man who was getting married years ago. A friend of mine and I were in a park one day talking and enjoying the sunshine. We saw that certain young man that we knew and asked, “So you’re getting married huh?” He laughed and ignorantly said, “Yea, if I can get her over the threshold!” We were completely dumbfounded at his “laugh with whoever is around” approach. And! She married him! The wife had no idea of this little wisecrack of his. That wasn’t courageousness on is part but ignorance, a two-faced reaction and disrespect. My friend and I kind of felt sorry for the woman that he was about to marry.
Courageousness gives you a divine inheritance just as Israel had in verse three. God said to Israel that every place that their feet should tread upon is theirs and the same is for you today.
Joshua chapter 1 verses 6 to 8 tells us to be strong and of good courage. Notice in verse seven he says not only to be courageous but very courageous meaning to take chances and explore. In life you must learn to take chances and to explore what is around you. God gave you this vast Earth. You are not a vegetable and you do not necessarily need to be rooted and grounded unless it is in Christ Jesus. Be like a toddler who knows that his daddy is behind him and will catch him if he should fall. Verse 7 also tells us to be straightforward and not to beat around the bush. And many do. Israel beat around the bush for 40 years and that should be enough.
Abundance and prosperity. Verses 8-9
1 Obey God's laws and you will prosper.
2. God's word is wisdom.
3. Focus on it no matter what your surroundings are. The devil stays busy.
4. The word will give you good success.
5. Fear not, be strong, unmovable, unshakable.
6. Be not dismayed more surprised at what your enemy will try to do.
7. Know that God is always with you.
All of this is easy to say but it's so hard to do in real life unless you simply let go and let God. Just do it.
~ Essie

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