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Posted on March 7, 2011 by Rev. Esther R. Scott
It makes me sad to hear how many people are caught up in cult churches. The Lord has laid that on my heart for a few years now which makes me ‘really’ different than your usual Christian. Yes, I am one of the odd ones. He has also shown me where I should be still and just watch silently as He is in control of all matters. For a while I was preaching hellfire and brimstone. I still have a small inkling to do so at times and I have to catch myself. You get the label of a trouble maker and everyone will be afraid to interact with you else you may “call them out” so-to-speak.
Do you remember where Paul said, “Oh foolish Galatians! Who hath bewitched you?” That scripture goes through my head a lot. There are so many people who are caught up in the choir, the deaconess board and being ministers that it doesn’t hit their spirits that they could be in error. Preachers now use ordination as a means of stability in their positions. If I make everyone on New Birth a minister and you all are tithing, (paying for your position,) you won’t get rid of me and I can make money at the same time. If we were all leaders, who would be left to listen to the Word?
It’s sad to hear about these young kids who are missing and found dead. A young man is now missing in South America. I can’t remember the Spanish-speaking city but I pray that they find him and that he is alright.
I am beginning to think that entertainment is robbing our children of their God-given wisdom. So many are drifting around, not knowing their surroundings that anyone or anything can catch them up and they won’t even know what hit them. Short shirts, low pants, low neck lines, tatoos, black nail polish, depression, odd music (words and all,) wierd movies. What’s left for our children? Teachers striking or getting fired. You can’t even trust your child’s teacher anymore. The teachers are getting younger and younger and cannot hold back their sexual desire from these children. Preachers are secretly doing what they are preaching against and won’t stop until someone snaps a camera-phone pic of them.
God got the first word and will definitely get the last word. I pray that
people turn their hearts to Him soon.

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