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Have patience with your ministry.

Have patience with your ministry.

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 10:10 AM
The thought just came to me as I was working on adding new posts to my Blog on "It's literally taken me years to get my act together in ministry!" Folks if you feel that you have been called to a ministry, pray about it, give it to God and He will take care of all of your needs. You must have patience though. In my case MUCH patience. I have been watching my ministry slowly come together these past couple of years and it is awesome to watch how God works. Years ago, I started what I have entitled, "Revelations." I began to write them around 1992 when I first started in ministry. I am just now, on the 10th day of January, 2019. beginning to see the fruition of those writings. I once had a page on You Tube with about 3000+ videos on it, I forget the amount now, and by a simple mistake of asking them to help me with my site, they thought I was 'the rightful owner' and the poster was an imposter so they closed it down. Yes, immediately, that fast. Praise be to God that I had kept all of my videos on hundreds and hundreds of C.D.'s throughout the years! God is good! Therefore, I started this site, "" and uploaded some of them here. See how things go? We have to give God time to do what He will while we are maturing in Christ. All that i wanted to do with You Tube was to separate the religious content from all of those videos and put it on a different channel. They somehow got it mixed up and shut the entire channel down. It was under "Rev Essie Productions" and/or "LadyRev1257." I had work on there that I did for other people as well. My best friend Bobby Shawn from Canonsburg, Pa is a well-known singer (under Perry Como,) and I had done MANY videos for him...personally. I even manage his Facebook page for him. I have been honored to be in the Jefferson Historical Society as one of Canonsburg's singers (semi) because of my relationship with Bobby Shawn. In return, I do private (ministry,)and public works for him and his family. By the Grace of God, I still had a few of his videos that I had made for him on C.D.'s but not all of them. But that's ok, God is still in control. God CAN forsee you know. He is the first 'foreseer' then we follow. 

During the years of my ministry, I have saved most of my writings and sermons. You will see them here as time goes on. I have notebooks upon notebooks of research and study in my possession that I have done for over 27 years. I can see how I've 'grown' over the years and learned to yield to the Holy Spirit. When we are young in the ministry some of us think we have it in the bag and you can't 'hit us in the behind with a red apple' as old folks used to say. God has brought me a mighty long way. I read some of my sermons and I smile. God rewards all of our attempts to edify, encourage and uplift our brothers and sisters with His Word. He takes you to the point where even your subconscious will begin to react to questions in your life and manifest beautifully at the time of need. 

I have actually had conversations with my daughter about various subjects and later, sat down, pulled an old Mp3 of me preaching off of my computer, and the subject was the very same thing that she and I had been discussing or something that I needed at that time to help someone else. God has a way of speaking to us if we only listen. And yes, He wants to use you. Pray and acquire a system for Him to use that makes it easier for you to get the Kingdom Points across and God will manifest it according to your Faith. 
Example: Years ago, when I was out in the world, everytime I'd dream of a number, I thought it was to be played in the Lottery. Of course, I lost when the night's number came out on T.V. Years later, and I do mean years, I learned that God was using my Thompson Chain Reference to speak to me! If I was having a problem with a neighbor and it was really getting to me, God would show me how to get peace with the situation by showing me a certain number. Come to find out, the numbers that He had shown me that night were the numbers of "neighbor" topics in my Thompson Chain Reference Bible. Forgive my wording but, God is soooo cool. I love Him and how He works with and through me. 
This is why I tell you today, have patience with your ministry, family, job, boss, neighbor relative, friend...your life! God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Trust Him and live each day as it comes. Do not fret and have no fear, God's got this! I suggest that you journal your walk with Jesus. Leave a notebook by your bed for recording your dreams or wherever you sit during the day for writing the days events or various 'messages' that the Lord has given you. Believe me, I am still pulling out awesome notes from 27 years ago that make good sermons or Blog posts today. That's why you see some old dates on my writings or pictures and you hear old dates when you listen to some of my videos. It's awesome. Give it a try. Trust your God and let Him use you in His loving way. Trust that He will never leave you nor forsake you, just as He said in His Word. 
God bless,
Rev Essie

Here's Bobby and Perry Como. In fact I once had a house on Perry Como Avenue in Canonsburg, Pa. and yes, there is something in our drinking water. (Smile) 

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