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I love you that much.

Posted on December 16, 2018 at 12:55 AM
 Esther R. Scott
December 15, 2008 ·
I love you that much
In these moments....

It's in these moments my heart does tread, and my mind can only stand still
I wonder if I've stepped out of bounds and did my own, instead of God's Will.
When things go bad and your family's confused, and the kids are far out of the way
That's when you sit down and pray with some friends, or by yourself pray that day.

The enemy comes on strong when he sees you've been blessed, and he tries to rob you of it
You just stay strong and hold on to Jesus, for He'll strengthen you to not quit.
When things are grey and the rain and snow won't stop, and your day is blurry and cold
God steps in and warms you inside, with His Word and His love for your soul.
 We thank you O Lord for the love that you share, and your Son that has died on the Cross
And has risen the third day and got Victory over satan, and showed satan just who's Boss.
I cover myself with your Blood oh Lord, and my family and internet friends too
I bind that ol' devil who tries to bind me, but I win cause I know what to do.
I bind his ol minions and powers and demons, and all that brings fear as they fly
I rebuke destroying thoughts that are planted near us, that are dropped from a dark sinful sky.
I fill all of those place with God's glory and Love, and the Peace that God brought in the manger
I fill all of those nooks with Joy and Abundance, and Angels that keep us from danger.

When all this is through and we're staring at you, Jesus hold us and don't let us go
You're the Beautiful One, you're the Bright Morning Son, the one that God says, "told you so."
You're the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end, you're my Savior and Son of the Morn
Let me thank you O Lord for your favors granted, and also for you being born.

I love you that much Jesus,



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