Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pause and rest.

Sometimes, due to the flesh, we get our wires crossed. When you wake up feeling refreshed and anew, it's going to be a great day. You are empowered to handle whatever comes your way. You + Jesus = Success. But when you wake up feeling 'odd' or 'out-of-sorts' that is a clear designation that you are to be very careful of your actions and wording for that day. Don't worry, it doesn't last long. Just beware of your replies to others and the knack to want to be recognized. Your flesh will get you into trouble that day if you don't heed God's signs. Nothing that you attempt to do will work. It's your 'rest-time-in-Jesus.' It's not necessarily just Saturdays and Sundays (according to your Faith about "Rest Days.") God is holding you back a little because He sees something that will overtake you and possibly draw you into sin. Trust Him. It's not really a 'bad day' it can be God's tender hand guiding you into a type of 'rest' that day. Even as far as posting on Social Media. There are times that God has seen something going on around you while you were sleeping that you cannot see or hear. If you've noticed, some morning I post longer posts, some medium and some short. Do you remember what the letters KISS meant when we were growing up? "Keep it simple silly!" (Well, I don't want to use the real term in that sentence so 'silly' will do.) If God has a message for me to post, I post it along with studying on the phrase or scripture that He has given me. If I don't necessarily 'get' a message from Him, I keep it short and simple.
I hope this helps someone and encourages you that ..... IT'S NOT YOU! R. E. S. T.!

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