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Thank someone for putting up with you.

Esther R. Scott
January 27, 2011 ·

Thank someone for putting up with you.
(Not directed to any certain person, just a written-creation of mine):

When is the last time that you thanked someone for putting up with you?

Think of the times that you would have not been able to put up with yourself if you could split yourself in two? What about the times that you lied to your bill collectors about who it was who had answered the phone. The times that you stole something and didn't really have to. Or when you lied to your landlord as to why the rent was late for the 12th time. You'd sit around and gossip to the point of madness and walk out of the coffee joint or bar like honey dripped from your lips. Or what about the times when you were young and high that your neighbors had to listen to your grunting and groaning with your partner while you were pretending to be the best porno star that ever lived. That person still didn't marry you. Think of more.

Thank the doctors for putting up with you each time you defiled their waiting rooms when the commercials on tv specifically said that if you have a bad cold or flu...stay home. Don't forget about the teachers and principals who had to sit behind the desk listening to you tell them 'who' you are and 'what' you'll do if they ever talk to your child like that again. Yes, you could've been that modern day shooter if it was in 'style' then. When you see a face on tv, a person who walked up to someone and just pulled the trigger for no apparent reason, or those who were disgruntled, think....that could have been you performing that act on some unsuspecting person. You were just that emotionally incorrect.
 We can't forget the times that you taunted and teased some disabled person as though nothing was wrong with you. Let's go back to the times that you told racial jokes and thought that they were the funniest things that you've ever heard. Then you ended up working with someone of a different persuasion and promised, "Oh my! I could never say things like THAT person said. How horrible!" Just sit back and think of the people that you cussed out because you were in a hurry and maybe they weren't moving fast enough for you or the cars that you flipped the bird to. What about the secretary at the magistrates office that you yelled at because you thought that she was being unfair to you although you were the one who bounced that check?

Shall we get deeper? What about the children that you brought into this world that you knew that you were not prepared to raise yet you kept them and wouldn't dare think to give them to a better parent, no coat, no shoes and all. No formula, no descent place to stay which would be ratless. The times that they wanted to play football or be cheerleaders and you had to say no because having them was fun but taking care of them was too hard? You just didn't have the funds. We won't get on the times that they had to go without running water, electric or heat because you just didn't have the money to keep it all on. Some of you drank it up, some of you shot it up, some smoked it up, some snorted lines. The children suffered.

The next time that someone gets on your nerves, think of how you got on people's nerves throughout the years. What's that you say? "I wish they would!" did. Put up with someone else the way that they had to put up with you.

"Do unto others the way that you would have them do unto you." Have you lived that golden rule?

Jesus died for them too. Not just you. Send someone a card and thank them for putting up with you. Send someone an email or a text. Thank them for being in your life. Bless them and blow them a kiss. You haven't been much of an angel yourself. That's why Jesus died for all of us and not just an elect few. Need I say that this letter, although it leaves out a lot of detail, involves all of us?
Thank you for putting up with me. Now go out and thank someone else.

Rev Esther R. Scott


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