Saturday, January 4, 2020

Good 1st Saturday of January 2020

Good Morning All!

This is the answer that I received from God just a few moments ago therefore I am sharing it with you. To those out there who are at the end of their rope, not knowing which way to go, God says, "Wait, rest and receive." He knows your need.
Sometimes we want to cry out to someone but cannot find anyone that we think would care enough to listen or have enough time to listen. Take it to the King, He's always there and hears your prayers and tears no matter what the enemy may be whispering in your ear. The devil kept whispering some horrible "thoughts" in my ear but my Father in Heaven, my Savior on His right side and the Holy Spirit in me whispered something else to me, He called my name and that says to me, "I love you." Thank you Father. Please bless all of my friends this morning? Let them see that you are with them and they are not fighting this battle alone. Thank you Father, amen.

P.S. Don't talk to the devil unless you are telling him to "SHUT UP!" Talk to your Daddy in Heaven. God is Love.

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