Thursday, January 23, 2020

Good Thursday Morning 1/23/2020

Good Morning loved one!

I love you but God loves you even more. Isn't that awesome to know? And I hope that you love me too.


Father God we thank you for a new day and for the Sonshine in our hearts. Jesus we thank you for shedding your blood for us and proving there is none like you. There is no one or nothing else that would fill the area in our lives of having our sins forgiven. For those who don't know You, we pray right now that Your Spirit enters their minds and hearts and reveals Your Love to them which is above all else in our existence. I decree and declare today in Your Holy Name Jesus, that the World will begin to hear more about Christians growing in multitudes all around the Earth and that we are not as puny and timid as we have been labeled. As when Jesus said, "Talitha Cumi!" I say now, "Woman Arise!" "Bride Arise!" And in our lingo today....."Girl, Arise!" Amen.
We bless you Yehovah (Jehovah) , Yeshua (Jesus,) Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit.)


Go my friends and have a victorious day-in-Jesus!

Rev Essie

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