Friday, January 17, 2020

What God showed me about young people.

As I lay here in prayer tonight, during prayer God showed me that young people need serious prayer. Some are bound with the spirit of death and satan has them deceived into thinking that it is a style. They are enthralled with the works of a certain Hollywood creator who has very dark movies, even outwardly demonic. His works are usually dark and full of oddities aand dark figures and are blamed to be the cause of beautiful actors to lose their light or shall I say, their joyful countenance. 
Young people are drawn to the darkness and alienation of his work or characters and they believe it to be a normal thing but it is the drawing of the devil himself.
In the last times people will call wrong right and right wrong.  This is happening now.
Pray for all young people around the world. Jesus defeated satan at Golgatha, He didnt wear the t-shirt.

Rev Essie

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