Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.
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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Say your last goodbye's.

New Birth Ministries
The Lord has been laying it on my heart lately that someone is going to be given a huge blessing but you must first be emotionally and mentally stable enough to handle it. You cannot be a push-over or a yes-man/woman with this new position or people will run rampant over you and decrease your authority. This odd feeling that you've been feeling IS of the Lord. He is changing and preparing you.
Learn to say "no." Learn the fact that even those who have the 'appearance' of being "the elect" will not fit in with you. Some wheat is actually tare. Pay no attention to their selfish antics. With this new Heavenly position you will not have time for pretenders or those with personal agendas to use you to 'make their point' or make themselves look good. Watch your circle.
Just as they set up Jesus by trying to make Him stumble on His words, they are trying to do it to you. It's a set up. Some will even pretend to 'friend' you to get the info they need to take you down. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Notice the Godly change within you and follow only His notions and nudges. The Holy Spirit is your teacher. Everybody WILL NOT be able to go with you. Say your last goodbyes, in fact, some will not be 'goodbyes' but eulogies.
Rev Essie

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"YOU make the noise" by Rev. Esther R. Scott 04/07 by RevEssie | Spirituality

"YOU make the noise" by Rev. Esther R. Scott 04/07 by RevEssie | Spirituality: I believe many times we have been deceived into thinking that Christianity is silent, calm, introvert and non-confrontational. That is a lie of the enemy trying to keep us from gaining Victory over the wiles of our misconstrued perceptions. Some of us have even thought that it was 'handed down to us' throughout the generations to stay to ourselves which would keep us out of trouble. Sometimes silence isn't always a sign of Peace.