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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Which side are you on? 09/03 by Rev Essie Scott | Spirituality Podcasts

Which side are you on? 09/03 by Rev Essie Scott | Spirituality Podcasts: Deuteronomy 28 plainly states that if you do good you will live good and if you do bad you will suffer the consequences so don't blame God. Rev Essie ------------------------------------------------------Get residual here: Get gold.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Father forgive us.

Father, forgive us for being holy in church and not speaking in public. Forgive us for speaking Christianese during services and cursing in private. Forgive us Father for not reaching out and helping someone that we knew that we could help just for the sake of "minding our business." Forgive us for not feeding someone when we knew that they were hungry. Forgive us for pretending that all is well when deep inside we hurt and are in pain of some kind. Forgive us for trying to handle situations ourself without consulting in you. Forgive us for getting angry with others or mistreating others. Forgive us for smiling and 'loving' others in front of people and not in private where no one can see or hear. Forgive us for not using the talents that you've given us to bless others. Forgive us for sitting back and watching those who are bolder than ourselves. Forgive us for not opening our mouths to bless others when we plainly see that someone needs comforted. Forgive us for pride, selfishness and being arrogant. Forgive us for thinking that we no longer need to repent to be Christians. Forgive us for not trusting in the Son and thinking that we can get to you without His help.

Thank you for listening and reading Father Yah. Bless us as we repent and make new starts as the days go by. Bless you Father. Amen.  

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

God of Battles fight for me

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