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Sit back, relax and enjoy.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Don't lie to the Holy Spirit (Take 2 of 5/19/19)

Through the Spirit of the Most High God I redid Sundays Sermon almost to the letter. God is good: OR


Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Generals are tired.

The Generals are tired.
We hear the voices of the birds singing and they sound beautiful Lord but sometimes we are too tired to enjoy them. The body of Christ is so tired. Sometimes I feel like a soldier in The army. Our men are tired they need rest food and sleep good clothes, new tents.
The body of Christ Lord is tired we need you Jesus to come back soon. Sometimes I feel like a soldier in the army reporting to the general. The men are tired Lord. We need some positivity as well. New clothes new boots. New tents, new swords. New chariots. Rations. Jesus come back soon. You said you would not give us more than we can handle it's beginning to feel like we are at the end already. As soon as we have a place to clear head we have to move again. When we thought that we had our families together our family breaks apart. Something drastic always seems to happen. Don’t let us lose our joy when we should be celebrating more. Some are mourning. Even with the weather it's either too cold or too hot. There's no even balance. The times and seasons are changing oddly. They are not normal anymore Lord. You said this was going to happen. The body of Christ is tired Lord. We need your divine intervention. We need Your Divine Provision. The World is hitting us in our pockets in attempts to stop us from doing the work of the Kingdom. We don’t want any provision from the world. Our Provision comes from you. Even our privacy to talk to you is tainted. Everything nowadays is recorded Lord even when we may not want it to be recorded. The children are not safe anymore. Women are having children and allowing strangers to have their way with the children and sometimes they offer the children to them. While men are lying with men other men are abusing those men’s babies. Women dress like whores and look like whores, and carry themselves like whores, even in the church. Which means that they are a distraction to the distribution of the Word. Jesus your Generals are sometimes, tired.
One by one they are dying and the new ones are too modernized. They will not carry-on with the orders that they have received. Your Word says that young men we'll prophesy and old men will dream dreams. The old men don't seem to be dreaming anymore instead they're discarded and disregarded seeming to be forgotten. The young men are not carrying out the orders as they should. They are too New Age. They are disobedient. The old women are trying to be young, acting fussy like school girls, and the children are no longer getting wisdom, knowledge and guidance. Oh God we are tired. Help us. Some ministers show their pearly whites, and everybody thinks they're happy. Then you see them on the news, where they shot themselves in the pulpit or in the privacy of their homes where no one can see how they really feel. Many are taking their emotions secretly out on one another. These things should not be.
We do see more healings. Children being healed of cancer, that is good news. Lord thank you. We just need more energy more of You to fight this battle of the flesh. The flesh tries too hard to take over and our spirits suffer. You say try the spirit by the spirit. There's so much Deception going on sometimes that even that is hard to do.
Houses look so peaceful during the day like an old 1940s movie. And nights are so loud and boisterous until the wee hours of morning and it is so hard to get proper rest that is needed. The evil ones come out at night. They hide during the day and they put on a good front but as you lay in your bed at night, there is no respect for anyone, their voices echo all up and down the neighborhoods. There is no regard to children sleeping or old people trying to get rest. They are either drunk or high under the influence of something evil or argumentative while screaming. Father forgive us. Strengthen us. I ask for your power Lord God in Jesus name Holy Spirit dwell in me. Continue to give us strength, your word, your thoughts, your habits and continue to teach us. Make us alive once again. Restore in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Create in us a clean heart. Fill us with that surety that we need. Continue to help us to fight this battle and as the apostle Paul once said ‘we've fought the good fight and finished our course.’
Lord God, once again, send chariots and armor and swords and Military rations. Cause us to remember that we have Victory in all things hallelujah.
Although we are in the middle of a battle. One thing that I do know according to your Word, Lord, we already won. Amen


Micromanna with some soul-stirring music 05/04 by RevEssie | Spirituality

Micromanna with some soul-stirring music 05/04 by RevEssie | Spirituality: Micromanna with Rev Essie and some soul-stirring music.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Vision is good, but why leave out "envision?"

The other night, God gave me a Word of Knowledge that I haven't spoken about until I got confirmation today to do so and that is, "Envision." God wants us to begin to, not just 'vision' but "envision" things. He says, "You have the Power to create." Too many focus on the word 'vision' but God says for us to focus on the action instead. Envision first, and the vision will follow. 
Rev Essie


Monday, January 14, 2019

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Having no filter is not cool. 01/13 by RevEssie | Spirituality Podcasts

Having no filter is not cool. 01/13 by RevEssie | Spirituality Podcasts: Never brag about having 'no filter' because it is not Godly and you'll be labeled a fool. It certainly isn't wisdom in effect. Hear more Sunday at 10 a. ET. Come and dine.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Spiritual Ignorance with Rev. Esther R. Scott of New Birth Ministries

Church online with me, Rev Essie, every Sunday at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, at 1-917-889-8054 is for those who cannot attend the usual "brick and mortar" service who don't want to leave their church but need to hear the Word momentarily for various reasons: sick and shut in, transportation troubles, etc. Know that we are praying for you and for God to send you favor quickly. Also remember that "Troubles don't last always! You have the Victory. Today the subject is Spiritual Ignorance. It sometimes seems that the more communication that the World offers us, the more some become ignorant of God’s Word. As much as the enemy has been trying to convince our younger generations that the Word is not real, we should be convincing them that it is and not idling standing by ‘hoping’ that Jesus will come back soon. Are you idling standing by?

Let us pray

Read 1 Timothy 1 -17

What is ignorance? It is a lack of knowledge or information:
Notice that in the beginning Paul is not afraid to announce ‘’who” he is in Christ Jesus. That is important here and with us as well. If you don’t know who and whose you are, you will not be very successful in anything that you attempt to do, or anything that you introduce your talent or blessings to. There is nothing like a timid minister. In fact, this is addressed to Pastor Timothy whose name actually is derived from the word ‘timid.’ Paul noticed this timidness, because Timothy was a young Pastor, and how things were happening in his church therefore he discusses the matter with him of which there is no rebuttal. Paul is doing what Apostles are supposed to do. He is educating a young pastor as what to expect in his congregation or what has been going on that shouldn’t. He is giving him strength and hope and showing him that what he is about to experience in his congregation, or already experiencing, is not a dream. Paul knows the devils wiles, (he ought to he used to be one and some of us too,)  and he is announcing them and introducing them to this young Pastor as confirmation to what he has been or may experience. I say that he was once one because he used to persecute and kill believers before that awesome Damascus Road incident where the Lord blinded him and asked why he was torturing His people. Paul turned around real quick. Don’t you wish some of your loved ones would turn around like that? Keep praying, God hears. Amen.
He calls Timothy his son in faith, announcing the importance of having a spiritual Father. He tells Timothy that whomever he ordains to do God’s work, should not teach any other doctrine than the doctrine that he has taught him. There are so many false teachers and preachers out now a day that we have to be careful who we sit under and learn from. People can be fickle. If the preacher dresses well or is gorgeous or handsome, they won’t trade them for the world. To many Christians the outer appearance is important to their salvation. God told Prophet Samuel not to look on outer appearances because He looks on the heart and you’d think people would take that to heart but we’ve swerved so far from the truth that we choose our leaders from their look and not the book. Paul is condemning unsound doctrine, fables, foolishness, and religiosity. There were so many then who took the word of God and changed it into manipulation and witchcraft, (as in Simon the Warlock in Acts 8:10 who bewitched people with his signs and wonders who thought that he could buy the power of the Holy Ghost with money.) People still do that today! Some churches actually keep books on how much people have paid and what they should pay for. Jesus didn’t carry a manuscript around with him with record of the payments of his followers.
He tells us not to get caught up in genealogies because they only bring on more questions instead of godly edifying. When looking up the definition of ‘genealogy’ we see that it means: a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor: combing through the birth records and genealogies.
the study and tracing of lines of descent or development.
a plant's or animal's line of evolutionary development from earlier forms.
People are always trying to research where they are from or exactly ‘what’ is in their veins, amen? As long as you have Jesus blood in you, on you and over you, you are doing a-ok, amen? Can you imagine those who argued over who was closer to Jesus like they did when they asked Jesus who was the greatest? (Matthew 18.) (Mark 9:4).  We have that Ancestry company that allegedly tells people what is in their blood and where they originated from and as long as it is something that they like, they are happy. I’ve seen some people get so proudful when they find out what nationality is allegedly in their veins. They don’t realize that it is taking precedence over just loving the inside of themselves and others. See? Spiritual ignorance. People are too concerned about what’s going on - on the outside instead of what is needed to be holy on the inside. Serve the Lord, not our flesh or our background. Soooooo are we more happy because we have Hebrew roots? Ooooouuuu! I could be related to Jesus! That makes me better than you! Then they look down on others as though they were peons. Or I could be related to King David or a Great German Counselor. Woooo! Hooooo!
We are to edify others, not put them down or make them feel inadequate. I see a lot of this going on in the church and in the world as well. If you aren’t in someone’s ‘gang’ then you are nothing to them. Little do they know, God may have sent you there like Queen Esther, for such as time as this, but they turn you down because you “don’t qualify” according to their standards. Spiritual Ignorance see?
Love is the test!
Verse 5. The end of the commandment is charity from a pure heart and a  good conscience, and of faith unfeigned which means to be genuine and sincere, not a wolf with a sheepskin on the outside, as he peers out from under the sheeps face at you like we see in so many online pictures. Jesus is love therefore we ought to practice love as well. If you haven’t received much love in your life, don’t testify about it as much as learning to share what is inside of you. I hear people talking about how much they haven’t been loved in their lives therefore it’s hard for them to give love but here’s the kicker: If you got saved and the Lord lives in you via the Holy Ghost, why is it so hard to love if you are paying attention to and listening to the Holy Spirit within you? This is where the good conscience comes in. Pray, meditate and listen and you will learn to love so well via the Holy Ghost that no one will even know that you missed love growing up. Amen?
This leads right into the next verse, Verse 7:
People are desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor of what they affirm. Ok, “I’m a Christian and I love Jesus but for some reason, I can’t stand my Aunt Suzie. Lord forgive me. Lol.” Ummm, oxymoron perhaps? I would say that this is ignorance of the Word to the fullest. They can’t stand others but they want to teach you? I think not! There are so many people desiring to be in ministry but they won’t change their hard hearts to be able to answer the call. God won’t bless a mess. They don’t even know the Word good enough or have studied it well enough to teach others. They won’t crack open that bible at proper times or buy a notebook, a pen, a dictionary or Strong’s Concordance, and earnestly pray, to save their soul. Now don’t get me wrong because everyone doesn’t need all of that to study but just simply STUDY!  Study to shew thyself approved! Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15) The Spirit of God will whisper to you what you need to know in order to give you experience, on and in, certain subjects of the Word. In this microwave society people want “preaching and teaching on demand” don’t they? I got saved in January so let me tell you how to live saved now that it’s February. I don’t think so! Experience is the key! Love is the key!
I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but I myself have experienced those who can’t stand me but they want to be preachers. I may be their test and if they can’t get over me, how can they love others and preach the Word? I’ve experienced their personal wrath, albeit, personal vendetta first hand. Everybody that ends up talking to them…stops talking to me! There is a problem there and people fall for it hook, line and sinker. But they want to lead the sheep! Right……  And then there’s the accusers of the brethren who God mysteriously I presume, appointed them to ‘tell’ others who is a false preacher and who isn’t. They are so holy that they just know this. Erybody wants to be Apostle Paul with no education or experience whatsoever. Unless it’s them….EVERYBODY is false!
Verse 8
The law of good if you live it the way that God intended for you to live. In other words, do right, live right and you won’t have a problem.
Verse 9
The law was not made for you if you are saved and live holy. Holiness doesn’t need the law. Just like the law of the land, you don’t need it if you live right. That’s what righteousness means. Living right. But know this, if you are a, pardon my expression, a hell-raiser, you WILL run up into and against the law. God doesn’t like hell-raisers, He put it where it is supposed to be and He doesn’t intend for it to be raised up where it shouldn’t be amen? God doesn’t need our help. Hell was made for the devil and his fallen angels, not God’s people. There is a great gulf, a great separation there. Luke 16.
Verse 10 Paul begins to call out those who are godless and ungodly. whoremongers, murderers, rebellious, menstealers (Here’s my number and a dime, call me anytime! Call me, if you need someone to talk to. - 70’s song.) Liars, that includes fibbers, little ‘white’ lies. Funeral directors at mortuaries who abuse dead bodies, etc. Paul says that all these things are contrary to sound doctrine.
Verse 11 He explains that His doctrine was giving to him by our Blessed God who trusted him to deliver the Word. I too am trusted by our Father to deliver His Word and in the way that He has given me, I will continue to do so no matter who likes me or who doesn’t.
Verse 12+ He also thanks Jesus our Lord who enabled him and counted him as faithful and put him in ministry. Paul is not doubting his ministry. The devil will try to make you doubt your own ministry. he will prevent people from hearing you, set doubt in their minds about you as I said before. he will even speak to your mind and set your own mind against you at times. I’ve been through it, “You’re not called, they were right, you’re not a real preacher, what are you calling yourself doing? Why don’t you just quit and stop misleading people.” Or hows about this one, “The Higher Ups don’t even fellowship with you or talk to you. Doesn’t that tell you something about yourself?”
Paul announces his old ways, a blasphemer, persecutor, injurious but he obtained God’s mercy because he did it ignorantly in unbelief. Paul was unworthy. But after you get saved and get the Holy Ghost placed within you, you should not be doing these things. There should be a change of heart, a change of mind.
Verse 14+ Paul speak of the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundance the faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. God’s Grace can be bestowed upon you through His Son. Regardless of what you’ve been hearing, Jesus is the ONLY way. Paul says that Jesus came into the world to save sinners. That was His purpose, to save YOU. Don’t let any devil cheat you out of your inheritance! Paul even says that he is the chiefest of sinners. We should all say that. No one is perfect. There is no one who DOESN’T need Jesus. We have to learn to be longsufferers to receive the promise of God. What we are going to experience with God will not come easy. The devil is going to do all that he can to throw you off. But you have to trust God. Trust is the main issue in our lives. You are alive, hasn’t he awakened you this morning? You didn’t wake up on your own. He allowed you one more day. Don’t waste it. Amen?
1 Timothy 1:16-17
16  Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting.
Here are some instances of the Sin of Ignorance if you’d like to write them down. Lev 4:2, 5:17, Luke 12:48, Acts 3:17, 1 Tim 1:13 (our scripture today.)
Are you saved? Do you want to get out of the Spiritual Ignorance realm and walk in the knowledge of the Most High God with Jesus? Accept Him as your Savior, now…. (Lead into salvation.)
17  Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.********

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Church online 10 a.m. est!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"I'll take ½ of Jesus please"....

Believing in 1/2 of the bible is like believing in 1/2 of Jesus. The Old half is great but you are skeptical of the Newer half. 
The Word says that He is the Word made flesh.
📖 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)
Believe fully or pray for God to help you in your unbelief.
Rev Essie Scott
New Birth Ministries

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Good Morning Jan 24, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I learned a hard lesson!

This may be one of the most unusual posts that you've seen me post in a while but I have something on my mind today that I need to get off of my chest. I am posting this to free my own mind and to help any of you who may be going through the same thing. Ok, so I am older now in life and I thank God for carrying me through this long. I lost my original parents when I was 3 months old to murder-suicide. I was the baby. My father decided to leave 10 children behind by shooting my mother and shooting himself, allegedly over child support. For all of you father's out there who are upset about child support, believe me when I say, you will be greatly honored and adored if you just pay it as best as you can and leave the mother to do whatever she wants to do. If she buys junk with it, it is not on your hands. The best you can do is to report it. Don't leave children to the fend for themselves in the World because you "just couldn't take it anymore."
All my life, I have been the "flighty girl," the "odd orphan" that no one liked. I've heard it all, "she's wierd," "I hate her," "why do we have to take her?" At least I can say one thing about my dad, or should I say my mom, because I did get a couple hundred dollars when he died. I think back then, in the 50's, children got $250 a month for being the child of a veteran. Some of the houses that I lived in took me for the money and hated my guts but that's ok, I had a roof over my head right? Even in my young adult life, I was always the one to drive my friends to clubs, pay their way in, buy their drinks, buy their cigarettes, etc. If the car broke down, it was my fault. If I had no gas, they were upset. I took care of one of my girlfriends so much that I got upset and said to myself sarcastically, "I may as well be her boyfriend! I buy everything that she needs!" Well, I am not gay nor bisexual, it's not my cup of tea really, I had just had enough of working in Washington County Courthouse for Commissioner Frank Mascara (who was awesomely cool,) in Washington, Pa. but spending all of my pay on someone that just sucked my pockets dry. I was definitely a little tomboy when I was a kid, quick reflexed,  and double jointed and yes, I could do a mean frontwards flip with no hands, but I was and still am DEFINITELY a girly girl deep inside. One day I may meet a nice man to be my Boaz, love me and take care of me as I cook my behind off for him and have a wonderful life with him. (Yes, I dig cooking. ;) )
I sit here with no help, no transportation, no man to talk to therefore I talk my poor daughter to death. My son works for those fracking companies. He gets in touch on a constant basis though. I had 2 beautiful Lincolns. A dark blue one that did everything but tap dance seat warmers and all. And it was like a low-rider, it lifted when I started it up. A man broad-sided me and spun that Lincoln around horribly. To this day, it's hard for me to put my clothes on because my shoulders refuse to lift my blouses and remove them. I lay in bed sore everyday, on Etodolac for pain. I hate pills. I try not to take them. I take them maybe 3 times a week or so. I had a Gold Lincoln last year but I sold it for a trip. I thought I would have another one by now but no go. Ok, here's why I wrote this....where is my help? Where are the people who will take me shopping? Buy me a Dr. Pepper once in a while and a burger? Sit at a fishing bank with me and laugh at all the ones that we let get away? Life is strange folks. By the Grace of God, I stopped smoking February 8th of 1997 but can't my friends buy or send me some chocolate via UPS or something? Still I do computer work for folks, give things away at times when God affords me to be able to do so, and comfort people via phone or email. And Facebook! As soon as I log on in the morning to put my well-known and liked, "Good Morning"(s) on there, people pop up in Messenger asking for me to pray for them. Or there are guys from other countries asking to date me. I'm like, "Yea! I'm 100 years old now and you say I am the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!? Right." And right after that, they ask if I can send them money to travel to the United States to live with me. Lol.
I think that I am writing this today because I tire of always being there for others and it's so hard to find someone to be there for you without some type of agenda. Don't get it twisted, I love helping people but I am human. I do love to be appreciated. Did you ever feel as though nothing that you do for people is appreciated? That's a horrible feeling. Lowest 'man' on the totem pole, smallest member of the tribe. So, I don't look as good as I used to years ago but I am aging quite well thank you. I am no longer slim, trim with a huge afro like before but I can do some awesome computer work, sing, cook, and make people laugh. I have many flaws, I know that I am not perfect but I certainly am not dead yet.
You bounce from person to person, company to company, field to field only to end up alone and in someone's way. Here's the question: Why SHOULDN'T I brag about Jesus? He is the only one who still appreciates me and talks to my heart. Yes, I actually HEAR Him, it's real. His voice is beautiful. I don't hear Him audibly much, maybe a few times a year but I hear Him in my heart a LOT. Wow, you are probably saying, "What a writing. Smh." One thing that I am glad about and sure of is that through my many years of living, God has been faithful. No one need not approach me with that silly Egyptian, Bird-face god stuff because I just may get a bit indignant with them. No Nor/Norse gods, no Cleopatra, no Tree-hugging.....
My Best friends name is Jesus the Christ, Yeshua HaMasciach. My best friend lived and died on a horrible cross and get this....He even ROSE AGAIN .... just for me, just so that I can know in my heart that there is a place for me in His Kingdom. Isn't that cool? As the Doobie Brothers used to sing, "Jesus is just alright with me." Yea, Jesus is alright. And He did it for you too, not just me.
Thanks for reading. And if you have any questions about Him, simply ask Him. Still your busy mind and He will answer you in ways unimaginable.
11218906_10155620988640014_4072355374165774887_n Me then. Marine Corps pic.

Me now, just older. ;)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Blessings to ya!

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