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Monday, April 9, 2018

Just a little something about these 'link' companies.

I think that I may have run into something that is not very nice that deals with these "buy your domain" companies. For years, I had a link named after my OWN name "RevEssie.Com." (Reverend Essie Scott. I've been online for years.) I missed this past notice to re-purchase the site name. I was devastated. My own fault of course. But! When I clicked on the link WITH MY OWN name on it, a Shoe Magazine or Store had taken my link!!!! I was shocked. Why would a Shoe Magazine/Store want "RevEssie.Com"? Corny. That was last year. Today, I purchased this time. (Kinda like it better actually.) Just then, I noticed an announcement that told me that this certain Domain Company could 'possibly' get my link back for a certain price. For $69.99 they could 'see' if they could purchase it back. I was like....for real though? Nada.

Why does everything seem to have a crooked path to it anymore. Is anything done from compassion or is everything monetary? Oh well, just an FYI to you readers. When you get the notice to re-up your link.....answer it! :)

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